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If you're going to reply to this post to advertise a community, don't bother. I'm just going to delete the comment anyway, so save us both the trouble.

US government health care

I've been hearing a lot on the news in the last couple of days about the health care reform in the US, and how a lot of people don't want it and are protesting it. I really don't understand why. Government health care means that everybody has insurance that you can't be dropped from if you get sick. It means that when you have to go to the hospital, you don't have to sit there stressing about how you're going to pay your bill, because you won't have to pay it - the government will. It means that if you don't have health insurance and you think there's something seriously wrong with you, you don't have to avoid going to the hospital and sit there slowly dying because you can't afford the bill and don't have health insurance.
Apparently there are rumors going around that with government health care, doctors would be able to decide with older people, who lives and who dies. They also think that if you get cancer, the doctors will pressure you to end your life sooner. I can't believe people believe this crap. Do they think that's how it is here in Canada? Those people are seriously brainwashed.

Here in Ontario, having government health care means that I can go to the doctor whenever I feel that I need to, and I don't have to worry about how I'm going to pay the bill, or avoid going to the doctor altogether because I don't have health insurance and don't have the extra money to pay the bill if I needed to. I automatically have health insurance just by being a resident of Ontario. I don't pay any premiums. I don't have to pay any medical bills. If I need blood tests, the government pays for it. If I need an x-ray, the government pays for it. If I need a CAT scan or MRI, the government pays for it. When I go to the doctor every year for a physical, the government pays for it. If I have an accident and have to go the emergency room, the government pays for it. If I have to have emergency surgery, the government pays for it. They even pay for every resident of Ontario to get a flu shot every year.
Government health care means that I will never have to go $30,000 into debt if I get sick.

A few years ago, my mother had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance for heart problems. Her medical bill was a total of $45 and that was for the ambulance. The government paid for everything else.

Having government health care means that when someone in your family ends up in the hospital, instead of worrying about how you're going to pay the bill, you can worry about what really matters - the health of your family member.

Writer's Block: Home Cooking

When was the last time you cooked for yourself? What did you make?

Yesterday, I made chicken with barbecue sauce, mashed sweet potatoes with olive oil, salt and pepper, steamed broccoli, and rice flavoured with vegetable broth.
I always cook for myself. I started learning how to cook when I was about 13. It blows my mind how many people these days don't know how to cook.

Download Day

Help set a world record for the most downloads in 24 hours. Download Firefox 3.
Everybody always says that Wal-mart is evil, and now I understand why.

In may of 2000, Debbie Shank (a Wal-mart employee) was involved in a car accident that left her brain damaged and in a wheelchair. She sued the trucking company involved in the crash, and won 1 million dollars. After her legal fees were paid, she had $417,000 left, which was put into a trust fund to pay for her long-term care. Except that in the fine print of her health plan with Wal-mart, it said that they can take any money that an employee gets in a lawsuit for medical expenses, so Wal-mart took the money from her.


Here ya go, Livejournal

Is this what you want for your community?

They apparently haven't unsuspended all of the suspended journals that didn't deserve it, like they said they did.
Also, they are still suspending journals.
It seems like they're only doing one by one now, hoping people won't notice.

I decided to wait until after everything blew over to see what LJ/6A would do about this whole mess, and it looks like I got my answer.
They've broken promises in the past (like their promise that LJ would remain ad-free), so I see no reason to start trusting them now.

If my journal suddenly disappears, you know what happened to it. I don't plan on deleting it, and I don't have any "objectionable" interests listed.

I'm *this* close to permanently moving to greatest journal. I hope if I do, I'll see at least some of you there. Or you'll keep in touch through email.
I was just made aware of this post in stewardess' journal about this whole journal suspending fiasco. Apparently, sixapart was trying to get rid of journals that might be offensive to investors. As in, they're about to start publicly trading LJ stocks. If this is true, you can bet your journal that they're going to be making more deletions. (As stewardess said: "wannabe millionaires are very motivated"). And next time, they won't just be going after pedophiles. They'll likely delete anything that they don't consider G-rated. Think about that. Think about how many communities you're a member of that might not be considered appropriate for children. Now imagine them all deleted.
I can't believe how many people think this is no big deal and everyone who got upset was just overreacting.
I wrote this in reply to a comment in the apology post in news. I couldn't post it because the maximum number of comments has been reached for the post, but I wanted people to see it. So, here it is.

People are angry because some of us have been on LJ for several years. I've been here way before sixapart bought it - back when you still needed invite codes to join.
When you've been here that long, made friends, joined communities, or made communities, it becomes a sort of "home".
What LJ did is sort of like someone coming into your living room, putting a baseball bat through your TV screen and leaving a huge steaming pile of shit on your priceless persian rug, then turning around and saying "this is the wrong house. Oops, sorry" and then walking out without any explanation whatsoever.